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Tips for Website Promotion 

Insert your web address in your print ads.
Readers can get more details about your company 24 hours a day. You ordinarily show your phone number and street address in your print ads, but the time has come to include your web address as well. Many customers these days would rather shop from home or office at their convenience, and including your web address is a no cost way to increase visibility and business.

Use your web address on business cards and stationery.  If you are not ready to reprint your stationery, you can print small, coordinating labels that feature your online address and possibly a note inviting people to visit your website. Stick them on outgoing envelopes, on the back of your business cards, and elsewhere.

Update your answering machine message. Spell out your web address in your message so customers have an additional option to place orders or obtain the information they need.

Ask for links. Visit non-competing sites in your area of business and ask the owners to add links to your site. This works best when your site includes useful informational resources rather than strictly promotional material. Before requesting links, add a section to your site that contains links to related businesses. Then, contact the webmasters of those sites to request a return link.

Start an e-mail newsletter. . . A newsletter showing up in your customers’ mailboxes every week or month with updates, schedules, sale prices, or industry news can be just as valuable as the website itself. And of course, somewhere in the newsletter, tell readers to check out your website for more information. If you have a Holiday Card Website, we offer an Auto Email service, which allows you to contact your customers with an attractive, formatted email.

Encourage people to bookmark your site. Remind visitors to your site to bookmark your site (add it to their favorites' list).

Use your e-mail signature option.  At the end of every e-mail message you send, include your website address with your signature.

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